Wedding Photography

Your wedding is far more than a “special day.” It’s likely to be the most special day of your life. Every one of the hundreds of weddings we have photographed over 27 years is unique in its own way, and yours will be too.

A good wedding photographer will work to find out who you and your intended are. A great one will understand and be able to show why that matters in every moment, in every image. It’s not about light, it’s about drama; it’s not about pose, it’s about the language of our bodies; it’s not about composition, it’s about meaning.

These days, your wedding photographer is often your most knowledgeable resource on how weddings generally happen, the options, and most of all, what tends to work best for friends, families, and guests. We always shoot as a team of two, each with a camera, each ready to help iron out the edges of whatever task needs attention.

Wedding dates fill up quickly and far in advance, so it's never too early to begin planning. Schedule a consult with Barbara by calling (406) 599-1992 or email