Business Photography

How we work is who we are. It's important. More than anything, clients care that who you are is who they think you are by what they see. We help you put your best foot forward with a professional business headshot. Click here for samples.

We are honored to work regularly with two organizations that help guide, grow, and strengthen businesses here in the greater Bozeman area, the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce and Prospera Business Network (and their Women’s Business Center).


In our studio or at your office, our business headshot photography program is flexible and scalable. Please see our rate card here.

Groups / Facility / Marketing

The five P's, or "prior planning prevents poor photographs" is key to showing your business at its best. We work hand-in-hand with creative directors (even if that's you in a different hat) to make you shine. Our rates start at $125/hr.


The irony of event photography is this: it's the "low-hanging fruit" of the photography world where many a budding photographer cuts her teeth, but it's also one of the most difficult imagery tasks to do well. The lighting is almost always terrible, the events unfolding quickly, and there's only a split second to get the "money shot," or more often, all twelve money shots. If your event is critical to your ability to attract clients, raise capital, or justify your mission, give us a call at (406) 599-1992 or email at